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 ~ Certified Hypnotherapist 

 ~ Journey Accredited Practitioner 

 ~ TRE (Trauma Release) Facilitator

~ IFS (Internal Family Systems)            Informed




Where and how are you triggered in your life? What are the patterns or troubling emotions that you encounter over and over again? What are the fears that grip you? What are the stories you believe about yourself and others? These stumbling blocks are arrows pointing back to conditioning and/or wounds housed in the body and subconscious. 


Each session is a creative collaboration uniquely tailored to you, to help remind and return you to your very nature … freedom, wholeness and love. A session begins with an exploration of your current physical or emotional issue. Using guided visualization in a state of deep relaxation, we embark upon a journey into your mind and body to uncover the root causes of both physical and emotional issues stored within your cellular memory and subconscious. Together, we welcome all emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones, as they are the very gateway to freedom. You are given a chance to dialogue and empty out to those involved with painful memories, and we work to clear disempowering beliefs and vows. Along the journey, we equip you with the support and resources you need to override difficult or traumatic memories, effectively rewriting history.  As deep emotional blocks and old painful habits are cleared away, freedom and forgiveness come quite naturally. 

While many folks experience profound transformation within one session, ongoing work is incredibly powerful and highly recommended, as we can truly begin to peal back the layers. Many folks schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

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​Feminist, sex-positive and LGBTQIA celebrating, we welcome all people, of all genders, sexual orientations, races, cultures, faiths, abilities, legal statuses, & lifestyles

We address all issues including:  abuse (emotional, physical, sexual),  addictions (sugar, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, marijuana, unhealthy relationships),  anger/rage,  anxiety,  depression, fears/phobias (public speaking, spiders, snakes, heights, flying, needles, blood, etc.),  food issues,  grief,  guilt,  hair-pulling (trichotillomania),  heartbreak,  inner conflict,  insecurity,  insomnia,  life-decisions,  nail-biting,  neglect,  panic attacks,  physical illness,  procrastination,  PTSD,  relationship issues,  self-esteem,  self-sabotage,  sexuality,  shame,  skin-picking (dermatillomania),  stress,  teeth-grinding,  trauma,  writer's block 

About Candace

About Candace

My name is Candace Roberts and I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and Journey Accredited Practitioner, as well as a lifelong champion of change. I'm also a singer, songwriter, filmmaker and performer and my works have been featured on the BBC, KQED, NPR, NBC, the San Francisco Chronicle and Bitch Magazine. 

I've been a seeker my entire life, and there were so many stories I told myself along the way. Low-grade depression and self-doubt were my trusty companions, and I always sought out “something to look forward to” to distract me from the doldrums of me. I would leap frog from one little high to the next, but I could never quite figure out how to feel better. 


As a kid, I used to have night terrors, in which I would repeatedly see a child’s drawing, of hills, birds and trees, being smeared in black tar ... and this terrified me. Other times I would experience myself floating, panic-stricken, all alone, through space and time, for all eternity. Not surprisingly, I also spent much of my childhood anxiously pondering my own death, and on occasion, questioning nearby adults “What happens when we die?” But no one had a satisfactory answer. I also struggled with self-worth issues and not feeling seen in relation to my parents and family.  

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Always a lover of “story” I got hooked on theater, spinning tales and escaping into a role. I delighted in these performance highs and became quite the perfectionist ingénue. And then the curtain would fall, the show would end, and I often thought, “What’s the point?” I also desperately wanted to write my own songs and material, but couldn’t quite find a way in. And while there were glimmers of connection and wholeness, I often sought out sex and romance to fill the void.


After years of bizarre fatigue, I unearthed a slew of illnesses, including heavy metal toxicity, adrenal fatigue, parasites and food allergies. Then, shortly after, my grandmother died and something rattled to the surface in witnessing her death. She was warm one minute and cold the next. A switch flipped inside me and I thought, “This can’t be it. Something must go on.” So I began investigating everything from quantum physics to psychotherapy, rosen method, aston-patterning, acupuncture, tarot and the enneagram. Profoundly impacted by various teachers and mentors, I immersed myself in "the work" of Byron Katie, the science fiction of Octavia Butler, and the teachings of Gabriel, channeled by Clay Rosenthal


And then, my prayer was answered and songs fell into my lap, as if from the heavens, and I began to trust more and more the divine nature of all things. To me, songwriting is channeling and I feel utterly grateful to receive these magic memos from who-knows-where. Eventually I discovered and trained in The Journey process by Brandon Bays, as well as the trauma-focused hypnotherapy curriculum of Resource Method, by Andrew Gentile and Michael Nolan. Through this work, I experienced a spontaneous forgiveness of my father and a profound understanding of the roles we play in each others’ lives. My rigid, perfectionist grip began to loosen, and I was filled with absolute love, but more importantly, love for myself. With time, I was able to face the dreaded existential loneliness of my childhood, and I became aware of a subtle presence inside me saying, “There was always something there all along.” I realize now, I’m not alone, in fact, I’m held in a oneness so vast. I’m free and whole and absolutely safe, seeing and feeling beyond death. And I trust without a doubt, my infinite nature that proclaims, “I am love.”

As someone who's been there, who's struggled to love herself, and has come out the other side, I would be honored to hold space for you to uncover the innate love, trust, and acceptance alive inside of you.



Finding a traditional definition for what Candace does through her practice of guiding people is challenging for me. What I can say for certain is that she inspires such complete and total trust in her sessions, I have never felt safer in my life. I have had many sessions with her. Each one has served to take me deeper, broader, and higher than the last. Together we have confronted old beliefs, memories and agreements from my past and effectively, profoundly turned things around. To say that I have been healed by working with Candace is a massive understatement. She is gifted, present, nurturing, and confident in people’s ability to find relief. I feel so fortunate to know and have access to her and would recommend her (and do) to absolutely anyone who is feeling ready to embrace their ability to grow. 

     --Clay R.  Berkeley, California, USA   

Candace is a natural healer. She has such a warm and welcoming presence - I knew right away that it was safe to be vulnerable with her for our sessions. She expertly guided me with extremely useful tools for accessing and healing the places I've been stuck. I was able to go deep into these stuck places with Candace because I felt so held, seen, and accepted/not judged in any way by her. I believe the sessions we've done together have allowed me to set out on a whole new path in my life -- things have been changing quickly for me and I have a newfound confidence, trust in life, trust in myself, sense of peace, and willingness to go after what I desire. All of this has emerged since our sessions together and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for your gifts, Candace!     

     --Talia W.  Oakland, California, USA

Candace is an incredibly supportive and intuitive practitioner. I always feel completely safe when being guided by her. She’s helped me illuminate my life patterns and the discoveries that she facilitates have continued to impact my daily life. She is generous and non-judgmental and her insights are revealing and resonate.     

     --Erin E.  Kensington, California, USA

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Candace is a truly gifted healer. My experiences with her have shown that she has a deep commitment to partner and collaborate with her clients on their healing paths, seeing them as whole, vibrant beings right from the very start. Candace is highly intuitive and tuned in to her clients and is completely non-judgmental - the combination of which allows for incredibly deep work to take place. I have always felt in the work we've done together that I could say anything, to truly allow myself to be seen, and as a result I’ve experienced big shifts in my life.  One of my favorite things about working with this amazing practitioner is that she brings a lightness and a joy to the work – something that is so often missing in life! I truly believe that Candace could be paired with anyone and would be able to hold space for them, seeing and standing for their greatest potential.  Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Candace will be absolutely blessed.     

     --Annie C.  Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Candace, I have learned so much from these sessions with you.  Each time, I am really blown away by the new perspective I’m given on such old stories. You have an incredible gift for this work and a profound intuition for guiding people to liberation.  I’m so grateful to have you in my life! 

     --Jill V.  San Francisco, California, USA

Book A Session

Book A Session

In person sessions are available in Seattle, WA and periodically in The San Francisco Bay Area. 


Most clients Zoom-In from all over the globe


Sessions are $180 for one hour


To schedule sessions (or a free 20 minute phone consultation)

please call or text 415-279-2594 or email



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